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What’s good with the Google Free Call to US and Canada

A month ago Google introduces Free Call anywhere in the US and Canada.

That’s really fantastic, you can now call to your loved ones to anywhere in the US or Canada by just logging in to the internet. And, the best thing of it was calling your loved ones through their cellular phone or land line telephone free from any charges. It’s really good news to everyone, you can now enjoy big saving on your normal long distance call. Cut off now your Long Distance Expenses. Tune in now to Google Service.


Before this technology evolved, I used to spent $20 a year or Php 800.00 to contact my girlfriend in the US. That was already good and that’s the power of Magic Jack. Thank you to Magic and Jack. Yet, technology really changing fast. There is always innovation from time to time.


I really recommend this Google service. For those people unaware yet for this fantastic service make a move now and enjoy the benefits that almost everybody enjoying now.


by: Timoy




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