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Real Estate Practitioner

In an UNPRECEDENTED move to professionalize the biggest unregulated catalytic industry in the country today, the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) has issued the guidelines for real estate salesperson accreditation in pursuant to RA 9646 or the Real Estate Service Act of 2009.

Amendment of Sec. 31 was published in Manila Standard yesterday and is expected to come into force on August 31, after completion of the prescribed 15-day publication requirement under the law. The guideline moves the accreditation deadline from July 30 to December 31 2011.

RA 9646 calls for the professionalization of the real estate industry by licensing all practitioners — consultants, assessors, appraisers, brokers and salespersons — under the Professional Regulations Commission. PRC Chair Atty. Teresita Manzala has designated Commissioner Atty. Jennifer Jardin-Manalili to directly supervise the real estate practitioners through Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service (PRB-RES).

Chaired by Dr. Eduardo G. Ong with members Bansan Choa, Ramon Cuervo III, Florencio Dino and Rafael Fajardo, PRB-RES is coming off from a successful implementation of RESA’s Grand Father Clause for all DTI Licensees.

PRB-RES, in completing its mandate under RESA, has initially estimated 100,000 salesperson-applicants that will troop PRC and its 10 Regional Offices to personally submit requirements. An estimated whooping P60M is expected by the National Treasury from compliance under the law by the biggest sector of sales practitioners in the country.

Salesperson is required to pay PRC registration fee of P600.00, buy a metered documentary stamp and submit his documents personally. General documents required from salesperson-applicant, regardless of the category, are NSO-certified Birth Certificate; original NBI Clearance; and, original and notarized certificate of training. For complete requirements, please refer to attachment.

The board is making last minute preparations to accommodate what could perhaps be the biggest influx of license applicants in a given period in the history of the Commission. Expected to arrive before the end of the month are the application forms to be followed by the paper-laminated IDs in October.

The accreditation guideline calls for the registration of at least high school graduate practitioners who completed real estate training and seminar in pursuant to RA 9646 as detailed in PRB-RES Memorandum Circular 2011-04.

Financial Management

Financial Planning consider to be the only thing done by the wealthy people but not anymore. One reason why few became wealthy because we don’t have enough information on how to manage our finances and become wealthy. In school, nobody will teach savings, investment and health care. They simply wanted you to graduate in school, look for a job and just work and work.

In the Philippines, many people retired broke because of our culture that we called JOB. JOB means “JOURNEY OF THE BROKE”. Now, let me ask you something? How’s your financial Status right now? Are you getting closer to your “Financial Goals”? Are you building more assets or you’re building more liabilities?

This is the reality right now, many people don’t have enough savings, higher debts and caught in an endless cycle of finance and refinance.

Do you think we need to change the mindset of the people?

Financial planning information could be your’s for free.

For more information leave a reply below to get tips on financial literacy.

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