How to Make Strawberry Sweeter than Your Lover in a Second

by: Junji Takano

Strawberries are known for its good source of vitamin C and its lovable sweetness and sourness combined.

But do you know how to make strawberries taste even sweeter in just a second? If you have eaten a lot of strawberries, you may know it already.

Yes, almost everyone loves to eat strawberries for its sweetness and flavor. But many do not know about a simple trick that can make it taste sweeter than before. And this will only take you a second.

Strawberry sliced in half lengthwise
Strawberry sliced in half lengthwise

Strawberry sliced in half crosswise
Strawberry sliced in half crosswise

Take a look at the photos above. The first photo shows a strawberry that is commonly sliced in half lengthwise. The second photo shows a strawberry sliced in half crosswise, separating the strawberry’s top (stem-cap) and bottom portion.

Now I guess you believe that a pair of sliced strawberry, regardless of how it is sliced, must have the same level of sweetness.

But think again. That’s where the trick lies!

OK, I want you to try it yourself, and also have your family and friends try and know the difference.

After doing this, you may have noticed that there’s a difference with the strawberry sliced in “half crosswise”. Can you tell which among the strawberry’s top part (stem side) and the bottom part is sweeter?

Yes, the bottom part of the strawberry tastes sweeter than the top part. Indeed, the top stem portion of the fruit both has sweet and sour taste, isn’t it?

Strawberry Helpful Tip: Strawberries left inside the refrigerator may turn dark in color even when stored in just a few days. To make it look fresh, wash it with warm water (about 50 degrees Celsius), and its natural color will be restored.

Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries are not only delicious, but they are nutritional powerhouse as well.

  1. Strawberries help keep your digestion regular, as well as lower your blood pressure and curbs overeating.
  2. Strawberries contain powerful antioxidants.
  3. Strawberries contain properties that are also anti-inflammatory.
  4. The combination of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents found in strawberries is well-known to fight many different forms of cancer, and help defend against potentially cancerous cells.
  5. Strawberries help slow down the onset of age-related diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.
  6. Strawberries contain good amounts of manganese, which is great for the bones. It helps in maintaining proper bone structure and bone building. Potassium and vitamin K that are also found in strawberries are important for bone health, too.

Take strawberry on all occasions, and get healthier than ever!

Interesting Strawberry Facts and Trivia

  • A strawberry has 200 seeds on average.
  • Fresh strawberries were once used as toothpaste. Its juice and seeds help in cleansing discolored tooth.
  • Strawberries have a long-dated history of medical uses. For instance, the Romans used strawberries to alleviate symptoms of fainting, inflammation, kidney stones, throat infections, bad breath, diseases of the blood, gout, fever, and melancholy.

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