Convince Yourself That You Are A Winner

The Winner is always a part of the Answer.

The Loser is always a part of the Problem.


The Winner always has a Problem

The Loser always has an excuse


The Winner says let me do it for you

The Loser says it’s not my job


The Winner seen an answer for every Problem.

The Loser always sees the problem for every Answer.


The Winner says it might be difficult but it is Possible.

The Loser says it might be possible but it is Difficult.


A Winner Lister

A Loser waits until it is his turn to talk.


When a Winner makes mistakes he says I was Wrong.

When a Loser makes mistakes he says its not my Fault.


Winner say I am Good but not as Good as I could be.

Loser says I am not as Bad as other people.


A Winner feels more responsible for more than his Job.

A Loser says I only work there.


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