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Cannon LBP 1210

Cannon Laser Shot LBP 1210 was newly installed in our office. One of my office mate ask me why the printer doesn’t have a legal size paper in the settings? So, here’s the answer if you guys happened to encounter this kind of problems specially the one who installed the unit forgot to configure the paper size settings.

Just follow this steps in adding the new paper size in settings.

Step 1- Go to start

Step 2-printer and faxs
Step 3-select printer(Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1210)
Step 4-go to file
Step 5-select Server properties
Step 6-select create new form (for legal page)
Step 7-give form name legal 1
Step 8-give paper size width 8.50in, height 14.00
Step 9-give paper margin top 0.30in, left 0.30in, right 0.30in, bottom 0.30in
Step 10-select save form Step 11-then select advanced
Step 12-select informational notifications for local printers
Step 13-select apply
Step 14-then close
Step 15-select Canon Laser Shot LBP-1210
Step 16-select printer
Step 17-select properties
Step 18-select-select forms
Step 19-select change forms
Step 20-select legal 1
Step 21-select OK
Step 22-select apply
Step 23-select OK

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