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The Importance of Reliable Cabling

We cannot stress enough the importance of reliable cabling. Studies shows showed:

• Data cabling typically accounts for less than 10 percent of the total cost of
the network infrastructure.

• The life span of the typical cabling system is upwards of 16 years. Cabling is
likely the second most long-lived asset you have (the first being the shell of
the building).

• Nearly 70 percent of all network-related problems are due to poor cabling
techniques and cable-component problems.

For better solutions and acquire the latest innovation of connectivity in communication industry 3M introduces a full range of communication. 3M Company open it’s new innovation of connectivity in the communication market “THE NETWORK CABLING SOLUTIONS”.

3M offers a full range of copper data cabling solutions in either category 5e, category 6 or category 6a. Category 5e and category 6 copper data cabling comes in different levels of shielding performance: UTP, FTP or STP, whereas the category 6a copper data cabling is available in reliable, high performance, or STP.

All 3M network solutions available at Cebu Protrade. For more information feel free to contact us.

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